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Passaddhi Suite

Room 224 Bed

Room Details


5ft Copper Bath, Four Poster Bed, Free WiFi, Hairdryer, Large Screen TV, Mood Lighting, Sauna

Passaddhi is a Pali noun that has been translated as ‘calmness, tranquillity, repose and serenity’.

In Buddism, Passaddhi refers to tranquility of the body, speech, thoughts and conciousness on the path to enlightenment. 

Overlooking the Hotel’s beautiful gardens, the room features a 6ft antique four poster bed and large corner sofa that’s perfect for watching the Large Screen TV.

The bathroom has a unique, 5ft circular copper bath which fills from a ceiling water rose, matching sinks and a power shower. It also has a double, infra-red sauna with built-in radio, curved glass doors and mood lighting perfect for creating a tranquil setting.

Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel offers an entirely different experience. With our Spa Suites and Signature Spa suites you can relax, chill out and enjoy the Spa Experience in the privacy of your own room.

All nine rooms are themed individually so you can choose your own haven of luxury. Our Spa Suites are Aurelius, Sanctuary, Passaddhi, Thermae and Balnea. Our Signature Spa Suites are Laconium, Caldaria, Tepidarium and Levitas.

To complete your stay why not visit therapie Health and Wellness Centre where the art of relaxing takes on new meaning. Choose from an extensive range of customised, professional holistic treatments that use Espa products.