Environmental & Sustainability Commitments

Environmental & Sustainability Commitments

Customers want reassurance when choosing where to stay, visit and eat. Quality in Tourism (QIT) is the 'gold standard' accreditation provider in the hospitality & tourism sector. The United Nations 17 sustainability goals are designed to work towards much wider impacts than pure green initiatives. Quality in Tourism (QiT) agree with this approach, it’s as important that businesses are commercially sustainable as environmentally sustainability and ESG (Environment, Social & Government) is a common measure of successful performance. Hotels have a commitment to the wider community, the employees, and owners as well as the guests. Validated through a Primary Authority partnership and ratified by the Secretary of State for BEIS with Cornwall Council, the Safe, Clean & Legal™ accreditation uses Environmenatl Health Officer approved protocols as well as all other mandatory regulatory requirements to independently assess and grade businesses as safe and compliant.

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Our commitments under QIT REST Accreditation


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Community and Involvement

Responsible is designed to recognise a property and its teams’ work within its local community. This could be anything from local suppliers, initiatives in schools and charities. Responsible is about the social impact a business can make.
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Inclusivity and Integrity

A good business has a clear ethos and demonstrable commitments to equal opportunities, excellent employee benefits and approach to staff wellbeing. Committed training and development of staff especially from the local area.
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Environmental and Economic Management

Designed to support the business work towards net zero and to further develop benchmarking and more importantly share best practice. The accreditation reviews the
initiatives employed to reduce our carbon footprint including what we have in place for reducing waste, water, pollution and energy consumption.
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