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CSR policy

Our environment. Our responsibility
Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel is committed to our focus on green initiatives and green policies by monitoring and reducing consumption levels, converting environmental efforts into cost-reduction and revenue generating opportunities whilst promoting the Mount Pleasant’s corporate and social responsibilities mandate contained below. The hotel will continue to look for eco friendly procedures and policies and will endeavour to implement them into its business activities and community interest.

Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel’s corporate responsibility policy sets out the principle and standards for the company.
All staff at our hotel, are required to comply with the policy.

Access for all

Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel understands that every customer has different needs and we aim to make our hotel facilities available and accessible to all of our guests equally. In rare instances where this is not possible we will endeavour to offer a range of facilities for guests with a perspective on disability including:

  • Designated car parking, accessible entrance, WC, accessible bedrooms
  • Induction loops can be arranged with advanced requests
  • Assistance Dogs Welcome
  • Assistance with registration and porterage
  • 2 dedicated accessible rooms one with wet room facility for complete access 33 other rooms on the ground floor level
  • Conference and Banqueting facilities on ground floor with wide door access
  • Captains Bar, Captains Bar Lounge, The Garden Restaurant and Private Lounges all have direct ground floor access.

Community support

Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel is very supportive of local community projects and assistance to local charities. Each request is given due consideration. Initiatives for 2010/11 are:

  • Advertisement in local parish magazine to support church funds
  • Sponsorship of school projects with Business South Yorkshire
  • Continued support and involvement with Doncaster Rowing Club, which was set up to support Doncaster Communities to date has successfully had 3000 children from deprived areas and given them the opportunity to access sport. The hotel continues to sponsor the club and help with funding
  • Hotel consultation and mentoring in local schools, Rossington All Saints, McAuley Catholic High, Campsmount, Serlby Park, Doncaster College
  • Driver in schools challenge competitions
  • Leading role in Experience Doncaster Tourism organisation and founder member of Doncaster Hotels Association
  • Localised speaking to college students in association with Business Link South Yorkshire
  • Member of Doncaster Chamber of Commerce
  • Hotel Scheme for Guests to make donations to buy small teddy bears in aid of BlueBell Wood Children's Hospice which has raised in excess of £2000
  • Sponsorship of Bluebell Wood Hospice Annual Comedy Night Dinner
  • Campaigned for improvement of Bus routes and for placing of shelter outside of hotel, which has successfully achieved giving improved links for employees to use local transport links.

All activities, donations and sponsorships raised by customer, suppliers and staff will contribute to the Company's objective of supporting local charities.

Environmental Policy

Overview of the Strategy and Action Plan

At the beginning of 2010 Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel reviewed each area of their environmental policy. The main focus for 2010 is on reducing consumption and improving efficiency in our Energy and Waste Management processes. The strategy is to investigate and implement new technology or practices to reduce levels and to agree ongoing best practice
Improvement in its environmental impact

The aim is to work towards continuous improvement in environmental management and performance by employees and to encourage support from customers. Approach to the environment is guided by a number of principles with which all hotels are required to comply.


The Managing Director, assisted by the Hotel Green Team sets out the responsibility for environmental performance and develops and maintains an adequate system of management, measurement and improvements:

  • The Green Team is made up of key individuals from all departments, the team regularly meets to discuss ideas and the implementation
  • All actions comply with relevant regulations
  • Business is conducted with due regard to the environment, its habitats and biodiversity
  • The business operations are regularly assessed for compliance with policy, performance and achievement of targets
  • Environment considerations are taken into account in all major business decisions
  • Employees are encouraged to work in an environmentally responsible manner
  • Suppliers are encouraged to operate in an environmentally responsible manner, there products method of delivery and usage are all consistently reviewed
  • Where appropriate, encourage support from customers by providing them with products and services that are environmentally responsible in use
  • Customers are made aware of all environmental policies in the specific areas where they are in direct contact.

Greenhouse Gases

  • Reduce the use of energy through awareness and through designing efficiency into new buildings, equipment, travel and transport and other working practices.
  • Set a target for the reduction of energy consumption. Monitor with on line facility through the utility providers.


  • Reduce the use of water and materials through awareness and through designing efficiency into new buildings, equipment and working practices
  • Set a target for the reduction of water consumption. Review this annually. This review has taken place for 2010 and a new initiative has been put forward for the hotel to have its own water borehole on site to provide for all its water needs in terms of the hotel. Exploration into this has already been undertaken with surveys being undertaken and relevant permissions being sought
  • Reduce, reuse or recycle solid waste where economically and environmentally sensible. When these options are not available, dispose of solid waste in the most environmentally responsible manner
  • Set targets for the reduction of waste produced. Review this periodically. These have been reviewed for 2010 and are included in our initiatives.

The following is a selection of initiatives that Best Western Premier Mount Pleasant Hotel adopt to help reduce, re-use and recycle:

  • Dual flush toilets to save water
  • Energy efficient windows to improve thermal performance resulting in less of a requirement for heating in winter and air conditioning in summer
  • Dedicated recycling unit – 2 central areas of the hotel kitchen and housekeeping now have recycling areas in them with bins for recycling of products. With the commitment from the local authority to provide recycle bins this has now made the route to recycle much more efficient. The hotel now has 1100 litre containers for cardboard, paper, plastic, and cans with numerous glass bins,oil recycling this has cut the need for waste to land fill by approximately 50%
  • The landfill will be reduced further with the successful outcome of the trials of grot bag which is an update of grot box, this is where waste food is recycled into bio degradable bags and sent for processing into energy. Trials with this continue with our working partners PDM, CH Middleton and Angelheart
  • Separate walk in showers to encourage guests to use the shower instead of the bath resulting in water saving (now in 100% of bedrooms)
  • Re-use of furniture and fittings after our refurbishments by donating to local charities and businesses
  • Installation of low energy light bulbs which is 99% complete throughout the hotel
  • Favour supplies derived from recycled materials or renewable resources
  • Waste water from guttering channelled to Fountains and water displays to avoid consumption from Mains Supply
  • Reclaiming of some building materials to use in build projects at the hotel
  • A full induction cooking range has now been installed in the hotel’s kitchen which is providing massive energy saving benefit in terms of consumption and cost. This has also reduced the extraction required and therefore the amounts of cold air brought in have been reduce
  • Cellar cooling heat is recovered for heating hot water system
    Highly efficient modern fully condensing gas boilers with weather compensation, night time setback controls are used for all space heating and water heating, these are serviced annually to ensure maximum efficiency
  • Air conditioning systems have inverter drives to achieve maximum efficiency
  • Air conditioning and cooling which has been installed both reception, housekeeping and kitchen are evaporative units that run on just 1.5kw
  • All cottage and building refurbishments use the best most efficient building materials available, all have now been refurbished with cavity wall insulation, floors have been replaced and insulated, walls dry lined with insulated plaster board. All have brand new condensing boilers with super high efficiency levels
  • All Garden waste is composted on site with a location designated for this
  • Timing controls on lights, and sensors to ensure efficiency
    Planting of traditional hedges and woodland areas with traditional materials. Around 5000 trees and plants in the last three years, allowed natural growth between the trees to proliferate. The latest planting has been a high percentage of native fruit trees
  • Minimal usage of chemical and sprays
  • Collection of car park surface water into small pond area which we have added pond weed to clear this has now become a natural habitant to frogs, and coot hens within our woodland area
  • Bat boxes fitted to farm buildings to ensure continued breeding and safe environment.

Daily actions

On a day to day basis the teams at Mount Pleasant Hotel takes the following actions in their contribution to helping the environment:

  • Recycling of Paper, Plastic, Card board, Glass, CD’s, Polythene Wrappers, Mobile Phones, Polystyrene, Waste Cooking Oil, Toner Cartridges and Dry Cleaning Coat Hangers
  • Re-use towels on guest request
  • Provide newspapers on request to avoid wastage and recycle any spares
  • Daily monitor water/gas/electricity consumption to aid reducing consumption levels, this is now discussed as a point in weekly HOD meetings
  • Bulk purchase of chemicals
  • Chemical dosage dispensers
  • Encourage cycle to work and have provided cycle rack facilities, reviewing government cycle to work initiative
  • Encourage local transport and provide information on their facilities
  • Purchase recycled goods
  • Provide environmental awareness and training as part of the new staff induction programme
  • Ongoing environmental and awareness training
  • All bedrooms have Thermostatic Radiator valves and are reset daily by Housekeeping Staff

Hazardous substances

  • Reduce the use of hazardous or non-degradable chemicals. We will work with our supplier partners to encourage use of environmentally friendly soaps and detergents for laundering bed linen and towels. Where the use of such substances is unavoidable, train staff in their handling and disposal and take precautions to minimise the impact of spillage
  • Reduce the use of ozone depleting substances in supplied packaging materials, refrigerants and fire suppression systems by specifying new equipment that is free of such materials and replacing existing systems as directed by legislation
  • Working with our local communities
  • Reduce as far as commercially practicable the level of harmful or nuisance emissions
  • Collect used cooking oil and recycle it through a licensed contractor
  • Carry on business in a responsible manner with due regard to the hotels' immediate environment, particularly at unsociable hours and in relation to noise, odour, lighting, litter, uncollected waste or deliveries and collections
  • Maintain building exteriors, outdoor equipment and grounds to create a positive visual impact within the hotels' community
  • Introduce contingency plans for major incidents to reduce their environmental impact.

Local Support

A selection of actions of ways in which we support our local environment, services and suppliers:

  • Provide information to guests on walks, wildlife and parks
  • Provide information to guests on walking & jogging tours running from the hotels
  • Support of a local community by entering Doncaster In Bloom &
  • Yorkshire In Bloom competition
  • Provide local transport services information to our staff and guests
  • Use local produce for beverages, fish, meat, fruit, vegetables and dairy where possible
  • Use organic cereal produce in our breakfast items
  • Work closely with golf courses to promote their facilities
  • Grass from the 100 acres is used to supply the feed for the horses at Northern Racing school.